Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Permanent teeth, over time often become darker or off colored due to food staining, tobacco, and changes in their mineral composition.  Over time enamel become less porous due to mineralization of enamel and dentinal tubules.  By dental bleaching we can improve aesthetic and overcome this problem.   Bleaching can be done by application of bleaching agent and holding it over tooth surface by a cosmetic dentistry professional or at home.  Tooth shade gradually lightens by oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide. Gradual penetration of porous enamel by acting agent results in teeth to be whitened.  If bleaching agent reaches dentin teeth will be whiter.  Frequency and period application plus degree of staining determines bleaching period.  Try to avoid drinking coffee and smoking.  Root canal treated teeth tend to be dark or chocolate brown.  These dark teeth can be bleached.  We usually isolate dark teeth with rubber dam prior to bleaching.

Is bleaching safe?

Mild thermal sensitivity is a common side effect of office and home bleaching. However, no long term tissue effects have been demonstrated.


Composite Bonding

Composite resin bonding can be used for reshaping recontouring, closing diastema, restoring decay and correction of minor tooth imperfections.  Thin layer of composite layer can be used as a composite laminate to improve tooth appearance. 

Porcelain Laminate

Tooth contour, color, size and shape play a great a role in our smile especially where our first impression is important for us.  Since porcelain laminate cannot be stained, discolored and they can provide highly polished surface they are highly recommended.  It can produce texture and translucency that is close to natural tooth enamel.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain veneers is one of the least invasive procedures to improve esthetic on visible surface of tooth.  Porcelain veneer can give impression of longer and highly translucent tooth structure that can match adjacent teeth.


Full porcelain crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns are popular these days.  Procera alumina and zirconium can be used where aesthetics and strength of a crown is a concern. Depending on patients need for aesthetic or strength we can choose proper crown type.

Procera alumina provides high translucent surface for anterior teeth.




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