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Emergency Services

If you suffer from a dental emergency call us at 905 370 0033. We will accommodate you as early as possible, usually in an hour or two. Our verbal advices can be helpful while you get into the office.


pain associated with toothache is a sign of inflamation. It may lead to infection and swelling . Rapid spread of infection in head & neck and oro- facial region can be life treating. Incission & drainage +Antibiotic coverage plus removal of the cause may be required. If you are in emergency dental need, call us we will attend your immediate dental needs.


A knocked out (avulsed) tooth

In case you have a knocked out tooth, try to keep it clean and free from contamination. Do not touch root surfaces. Keep the tooth in a glass of milk until you reach our dental office. Try to see a dentist as early as possible. The longer period between the tooth extrusion and the actual treatment adversely affects the success of treatment.


Broken Denture

Our on site lab facility provide the same day denture repair. Schedule yourself with us an bring in the broken denture.


Fallen crown & Bridge

Try not to postponed recementation of a removed Crown .The delay can lead to shifting of adjacent teeth and occlusal disharmony. In addition,a vital tooth that has no protective layer, can be irritated by thermal changes and microorganism in oral cavity can penetrate tooth structure and may lead to root canal treatment of the tooth. Wide range of dental services are available for traumatic injuries of oral cavity region.


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