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Meet Dr. Mehdi Afshar

Dr. Mehdi Afshar obtained his B.D.S degree in 1983 followed by his D.D.S degree in 1985 at Tehran University. He practiced dentistry as a general practitioner for 18 years. Passionate about his professional career, Dr. Afshar continued his practice in Canada after obtaining his Canadian Dental license by completing a two-year program at Schulich School of Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario in 2008. He furthered his studies in dental implant surgery by completing an Implant Dentistry Education in New York.

Now having updated himself with the current and most up-to-date methods, he combines his knowledge from years of practice and the most advanced approaches to provide an exceptional service to his patients. His professional interest is mainly dental surgery and dental implant surgery, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment. Dr. Mehdi Afshar provides all family dentistry and Dental Prosthesis Treatments.

Dr. Mehdi incorporates his talented mechanical mind into his professional knowledge & clinical experiences to improve final outcome of dental services.

Dr. Mehdi Afshar is a good problem solver for difficult situations. During COVID, with the safety of patients and staff in mind, Dr. Afshar ensured the efficient installation of an oversize ventilation system has greatly improved the efficiency of existing ventilation ten times more than what normally has been recommended. Besides all preventive measures which are generally recommended by a regulatory body, a large exhaust air drain system collects all possible Aerosols produced by high-speed rotary devices during dental procedures which is very helpful for the safety of patients and staff.

Dr. Mehdi Afshar is a lover of nature and enjoys spending time hiking and water skiing.

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