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Dental Implant Treatments

Dental implant is the tooth replacement option that is most desired for closely resembling the feeling of having an actual tooth for the patient.   Considering its advantages, and that it does have a very good success rate for the right candidates, it is one of the highly sought treatment options.

Dr. Mehdi Afshar takes a comprehensive approach in evaluating the patient’s oral health to determine whether they are the right candidate for tooth implants in order to optimize success rates. Dr. Mehdi Afshar’s honest approach in dentistry aims at providing the patient with the best dental treatment options considering all the details in their medical and dental history.

Dental Implants are often a multi-step procedure whereby each step requires certain amount of time prior to preceding to the next step. The amount of time required for placing an tooth implant could span over several months to a year depending on the situation and the necessary steps to achieve the best results. This can be further discussed with the patient after a comprehensive exam is completed.

We at Afshar dental clinic offer all kinds of dental implant services such as best implants, tooth implant, denture implants, permanent dentures, implant crown
and many more.

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