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Tooth Filling
Teeth whitening
Dental Cleaning

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Family Dentistry Treatments

We welcome you to visit our family dentistry and friendly dental clinic office located in the Thornhill region of the greater Toronto area. Our caring and experienced team of dental professionals are committed to providing you with a pleasant memory of your visit by giving you the best of care through a pain-free dental treatment. Keeping your comfort in mind we are equipped with the latest technologies in order to provide you with the most comfortable experience. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Our dental clinic is based on trust, patient satisfaction, referrals and we are considerate of our patient’s feelings, fear, value & time.

When you have your teeth checked, all of your tooth fillings are carefully examined. If your dental fillings are intact and free of decay, it is best to leave them alone. Scientific research has failed to demonstrate any evidence linking amalgam to a disease of any kind. Therefore, be wary of people who use scare tactics to persuade you to replace your old fillings to get rid of the “poisonous” mercury. In fact, you would need about 250 surface or more amalgam fillings in your mouth (which is impossible) to reach the daily maximum mercury exposure.

At Afshar dental clinic we offer full family dentistry treatments in Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill, and Aurora such as teeth whitening, dentist smile, tooth filling, dental filling, dental cleaning and many more, please call us at (905) 370-0033 or visit our contact page to book your appointment.