Our Root Canal Treatments Include

For All Anterior & Posterior Teeth
Retreatment of Previously Failed Root Canals
Root Surgeries

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Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is the procedure of removing infected or diseased soft tissue of a tooth (pulp) & filling the tooth canal with root filling materials. Proper root canal obturation is necessary.

Obturation provides definite sealing of the canal. It prevents penetration of liquid and foreign material from the oral cavity to the root tip or from the root tip to the canal. A root canal-treated tooth is highly brittle, since the tooth has no more blood supply and walls are often weak, it may break at any time. Capping of the root-treated tooth is highly recommended. Dr. Afshar gets benefits from recent advancements in treating the infected teeth, such as Rotary instruments, and the latest techniques of canal obturation. Dr. Afshar provides endodontic services such as: For all front and back teeth, Retreatment of previously failed root canals, Root surgeries (Apicoectomy) for teeth that have no alternative treatment other than root surgery.

Root Canal Treatments